Can VAWA be Appealed?

Can VAWA be Appealed? Overview "Can VAWA be appealed?" The simple answer to this question is "yes" but the legal requirements for a strong appeal are quite complicated. When you

How to Overcome Marriage Fraud 204 (c)?

How to Overcome Marriage Fraud: Overview "How to overcome marriage fraud?" USCIS concluding that your marriage is fraudulent is not the way that you want to start your immigration journey. Some marriages are

Who Qualifies for Adjustment of Status?

Who Qualifies for Adjustment of Status: Overview "Who qualifies for adjustment of status?" is a very broad question that covers a large group of people. An adjustment of status application allows you to

Hundreds of Cases Won

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher, and the Fletcher team have successfully divided over $10 million in assets for divorcing couples and obtained hundreds of green cards and U.S. citizenship for immigration clients.

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