Investor Visa USA Requirements- E-1/E-2

"Investor visa USA requirements" is a popular search phrase on the internet as prospective investors worldwide try to decide if an investor visa is right for him or her. While the idea is still in

Investor Visas: What are my options?

Investor visas have a distinct category in U.S. immigration law. The nonimmigrant E visa category is for foreign traders and investors who would like to establish businesses in the U.S., on a temporary basis. Different

O-1 Visas for Athletes- See if You Qualify

O-1 Visas for Athletes- General Overview O-1  visas are temporary work visas that allow foreign athletes who have "extraordinary ability in athletics" to enter the United States (U.S.) to train, attend seminars, participate in sponsorship

P Visa Requirements for Athletes

P visa requirements are fairly straightforward.  This visa category is for professional  athletes, certain amateurs, essential support personnel, spouses, and children of P-1 visa holders. The purpose of the P visa category is to allow

Sports Visa for Athletes- B1/B2

Sports visas fall under the B visa category and allow foreign national athletes, who are not part of the Visa Waiver Program, to enter the United States to compete or train for a short time.

Abused Spouse Green Card -VAWA

"Abused spouse green card" is a popular search term on the internet. This means that there are a number of foreign nationals who are curious about the impact of domestic violence on their immigration status.

Hundreds of Cases Won

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher, and the Fletcher team have successfully divided over $10 million in assets for divorcing couples and obtained hundreds of green cards and U.S. citizenship for immigration clients.

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