What Fees Do You Charge?2020-08-18T04:33:03-05:00

We work with most of our clients on a flat-fee arrangement. If your case does not qualify for a flat-fee, we bill by the hour at a reduced rate.

Do You Offer a Payment Plan?2020-08-18T04:33:23-05:00

Yes. All of our clients are pre-approved for a payment plan.

Do You Provide a Military Discount?2020-08-18T04:33:39-05:00

Yes. We will reduce our flat fees by 5% for active servicemen and servicewomen, military veterans, and their spouses.

How Long Will My Case Take?2020-08-18T04:33:49-05:00

It depends. Cases can take as little as a a few weeks to a few years. There are many factors that determine how long a case will take, such as, the facts of your case, the judge that we draw, and the lawyer on the other side.

What Will Happen if I Lose My Case?2020-08-18T04:33:57-05:00

Each case is different. We will be happy to go over the case strategy with you during our consultation. We will assess your chances of losing and winning, during that time.

How Do I Hire Your Firm to Take My Case?2020-08-18T04:34:08-05:00

Simply, call or send an email to our office and we will schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, both you and the attorney can mutually agree to the representation.

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Hundreds of Cases Won

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher, and the Fletcher team have successfully divided over $10 million in assets for divorcing couples and obtained hundreds of green cards and U.S. citizenship for immigration clients.

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