Does VAWA Require Marriage?

Does VAWA Require Marriage? Overview "Does VAWA require marriage?" is an excellent question and one that you should consider carefully before applying for VAWA. My name is Cheryl Fletcher and

How Much Does VAWA Cost?

How Much Does VAWA Cost? Overview "How much does VAWA cost?" is the very next question to think about after checking your eligibility. VAWA means Violence Against Women Act and

Who Qualifies for VAWA?

Who Qualifies for VAWA? Overview "Who qualifies for VAWA?" is an important question for immigrants in the U.S. who find themselves in abusive relationships. VAWA means Violence Against Women Act.

Hundreds of Cases Won

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher, and the Fletcher team have successfully divided over $10 million in assets for divorcing couples and obtained hundreds of green cards and U.S. citizenship for immigration clients.

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