K1 Visa Cost- What to Expect?

K1 visa cost is an important factor to consider, as your relationship blossoms into an engagement. Understanding the fees involved, and when these fees are due, can help you to plan better. There are multiple

Fiancé Visa Requirements for the Application

Fiancé visa requirements are usually discussed by newly engaged couples either before or after the engagement. Most people already have the necessary documents in their possession or can get these documents on short notice. Stages

K1 Visa Requirements | Necessary Documents

K1 visa requirements are a part of U.S. immigration law and information about what you need is readily available on the internet. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides free forms for various

Hundreds of Cases Won

Attorney Cheryl Fletcher, and the Fletcher team have successfully divided over $10 million in assets for divorcing couples and obtained hundreds of green cards and U.S. citizenship for immigration clients.

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