Cheryl Fletcher, Attorney

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I am Cheryl Fletcher, and I started my law firm to serve people and protect their rights. When faced with a legal issue, many people feel overwhelmed because they do not fully understand their rights and how to protect them. I provide a clear head, exceptional research skills, and complete preparedness to help you through these difficult times.

I believe that people want a better life for themselves and it is my job, as your attorney, to uncover your legal rights and create a strategy to help you pursue these rights.

I am highly competitive, a true warrior, and I enjoy going to battle. I have a natural fighter instinct within me. I will spend the time, refining the best legal strategy for each of my clients.

I started my career as a legal researcher at one of the largest universities in Florida. I understand that prospective clients will not care much about my old job. Understandably, you only care about what I know, what my clients think about me, and the results that I get.

But the lawyers on the other side will look me up online. They will want to know whether I am a formidable opponent. I can assure you that I am. The many years that I spent doing legal research gives me an upper hand, in fighting for your legal rights. I know how to look for every possible right that you have, how to argue for those rights, and put you in the best possible position to secure a favorable outcome for your case.

I have also worked in different law firms, writing legal briefs, drafting motions, affidavits and legal memorandums, creating case plans, conducting depositions, and representing people before the courts.

My passion for promoting, justice, fairness, and civil rights comes from my background. I was born and raised in a family of seven people—my two parents, two brothers and two sisters. Although our parents worked hard, we didn’t have much. However, I didn’t sit back and complain about what little resources we had. Instead, I worked hard in school and kept my grades up. Because of the many years that I spent studying, my hardwork and dedication, I was able to beat the odds, and become an attorney.

Being an attorney is a position of privilege that gives me the right to fight for people, especially those who cannot fight for themselves. I have the honor of bringing the people’s voice to the courts, and for that I am truly grateful.

But, I am not merely a bleeding heart. This is how I make a living and the bottom line is, I am in the business of suing others, to protect your legal rights. I charge a reasonable fee for my services. I believe each of my clients deserve legal representation of the highest quality.

I hope that we can work together.

If you are dealing with any of these legal issues, call 561-507-5772, Email: [email protected], or contact us via or contact form.