K1 visa cost is an important factor to consider, as your relationship blossoms into an engagement. Understanding the fees involved, and when these fees are due, can help you to plan better. There are multiple stages in the fiancé visa process and you pay the immigration fees at the time that you are in a particular stage of the case. K1 Visa Cost

K1 Visa Cost for Part One of the Process

Petition for Alien Fiancé

The first step is to file an I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The point of the I-129F petition is to let USCIS know of your intentions to marry a foreign national.

Before you file the I-129F form, check your eligibility.  You need to meet your fiancé in person, no more than 2 years before you file the petition. This will usually cost you  airfare, hotel or Air BnB accommodations, meals and entertainment, and other related travel expenses. Although these expenses are incidental to your intended marriage it is a part of the K1 visa cost that you cannot ignore.

Application Fee and Attorney’s Fees

The  I-129f application fee is $535.

You are not required to hire an attorney to complete the application, however, a qualified immigration attorney can improve your chances of success. The road to getting a K1 visa is filled with challenges and uncertainity.  Even though there are instructions online to help guide applicants with the process, there is no “question and answer session” with USCIS to help you figure out what exactly you need to do. If you make a mistake, USCIS can keep your filing fee and you would have wasted many months waiting for a denial on a deficient application that you filed yourself. Things can get even worst because your fiancé may get upset with you and call off the engagement due to your mistake.

The right attorney can make the process as seamless as possible. You can feel confident that your application is properly filed when you utilize the services of an experienced immigration attorney.

Attorney’s fees for this first step range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Processing time

You should expect to wait 6-8 months for a decision, from USCIS, on the I-129F petition.

K1 Visa Cost for Part Two of the Process

Visa Application Form

If the I-129F petition is approved, it is valid for four months and the file will be sent to the National Visa Center (NVC), where it will be assigned a case number en route to the appropriate U.S. Embassy/Consulate. Your foreign national fiancé will be required to complete an online DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application form. This form requests information about the foreign national’s biography, travel, family, education and training, U.S. visa application history, social media accounts, health history, criminal history,  finances, and contact details.

Visa Application Fee and Attorney’s Fees

There is no filing fee for form DS-160 but there is a K1 visa fee of $265, which you must be paid before your fiancé can schedule a visa interview appointment. The options to pay the fee vary, depending on the procedures of the designated U.S. embassy/consulate.  Options can include cash payment at a pre-approved bank in the foreign country or online processing.

If you are using the services of an immigration attorney to assist you with this part of the process, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,000.

 Other Fees

The K1 visa cost is not limited to government fees and attorney’s fees. Your fiancé will be required to undergo a medical examination and to obtain police certificates from all countries where he/she has lived, for at least six months, from the age of 16. In addition, police certificates are required for any country where your fiancé has been arrested, for any reason, regardless of how long he/she has lived there.

Processing Time

It takes about four to six weeks after the I-129F petition is approved for the case to move to the NVC. Once NVC receives the file, you may have to submit the DS-160 form and supporting documents online before the case moves to the embassy/consulate. How quickly you comply with the agency’s request can play a major role in the amount of time that your case stays with the NVC. Also, bear in mind that the I-129F approval is only good for four months, so it is best that you move fast.

Once the embassy/consulate receives the file your foreign national fiancé will receive a letter, in about 2 weeks, from the embassy/consulate for instructions on scheduling the medical examination and interview. After the medical examination is completed and your fiancé has all the required documents he/she should schedule an interview. Your fiancé may be able to pick the date that he/she would like to attend. After the interview, if your fiancé is successful, he/she should receive the k1 visa within a few weeks.

K1 Fiancé Visa Attorney

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