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Greenacres Immigration Attorney, Cheryl Fletcher, takes pride in securing green cards, visas and U.S. citizenship for her clients. However, not everyone who contacts us will become a client. There are many reasons for this. Attorney Fletcher only takes cases in which you have a legal basis and a reasonable chance of winning. We have followed this model for hundreds of clients in Palm Beach county, the remainder of Florida and throughout the nation, with much success. In a 30-minute consultation, Attorney Fletcher will provide her honest legal opinion about your case and discuss how best she can help you. You may have a great case that is ready to go or you may not have a good case. What is important is that she will let you know the strength of your case from day one.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

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guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesHenry Zhang
01:38 19 Feb 24
Very professional and efficient working process! They understand you, stand by you and support you! They are the best!
guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesJ H
01:34 30 Jan 24
Very pleased with my service from this law firm. Attorney Fletcher understood my needs.
guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesKerwayne Smith
14:01 19 Sep 23
Ms fletcher is very informative, she replied in seconds and acted on my case within a flash, I’ve been battling with my divorce and immigration case, after waiting over two years she got me a date of final hearing within a few days, take my advice if you’re looking for a lawyer who cares about case and love her work Ms fletcher is the one. 7stars 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠 eating
guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesEarlando Moodie
18:17 05 Sep 23
Look no further. This team will get the job done. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesKeith H
22:02 09 Jun 23
I used Cheryl Fletcher for my green card application. She was recommended to me by several colleagues at work that used her for the same purpose. The service and advice Cheryl provided was top notch and I highly recommend her for all immigration needs.
guest Greenacres Immigration Attorney | $ Flat FeesPhoenix Gym
18:39 06 Jun 23
Miss Cheryl Fletcher law office is a great and dedicated service that help our company visa beneficiary with his immigration documents and application process. Her work shows her high level of knowledge and competency with Immigration laws at a very affordable fee. We highly recommend her office to anyone who needs assistance on any immigration visa needs. Thank you for your wonderful work and help.
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Attorney’s Fees and Costs

“How much does an attorney cost?” is one of the most important questions that people consider when deciding whether to hire an attorney. We charge flat fees and provide you with a fee schedule to help you understand how much your case may cost. Moreover, we have flexible payment arrangements for cases that cost more than a certain amount. We are not the cheapest lawyer in town. We charge affordable fees based on the complexity and time and skill needed for your case.