Other than a breakdown, nothing could be worse for a trucking company than hauling freight and not getting paid. This is far too common in the transportation industry where freight forwarders, brokers, and shippers frequently go out of business, leaving behind unpaid debts. Other situations such as damage claims, abandoned freight, and truck order not used (TONU) may arise and what should have been a routine pick up and delivery turns into a huge financial loss for the trucking company.

We Work Hard to Get Your Freight Bills Paid

Initially, you may believe that a dispute for payment can be resolved by simply making a phone call to the accounts payable department. However, not every situation is as clear-cut. You may end up chasing the creditor for months with no resolution in sight. You may even give up on ever collecting compensation for your hard-earned labor.

Transportation companies in this situation can benefit from our services as a commercial collections law firm.

We work aggressively to get your freight bills paid. We send demand letters to offending brokers, shippers, freight forwarders and their respective insurance company. If that is not enough, we sue them in court.

No Upfront Cost

We will take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means, we don’t get paid unless we win. You pay zero upfront.

If you would like to recover on your freight bills, give us a call today.